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... au bout de soi-même! sité dédié à la course de 6 jours !

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Ultrarunner Ultrarunners dans le monde au quotidien Ultrarunners dans le monde 07/01

Ultrarunners dans le monde 07/01

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Blogs 12 nouveaux résultats pour ultrarunner
Am I an ultrarunner or a marathoner or something else?
par Mike
Joe the host for the show asked me "if I was an ultrarunner?" The show was on recovery, episode 110, give it a listen, the rest of the folks on the show including Joe are some pretty good runners. I am not sure exactly how I answered ...
Westy's Running - http://mwrunfar.blogspot.com/
Ellie Greenwood, Glen Redpath, Named 2010 Canadian Ultra Runner of ...
par admin
It's now official: Ellie Greenwood and Glen Redpath have been voted 2010 Canadian Ultra Runners of the year. The 2010 resume's for both of these runners is impressive: Ellie Greenwood 1st CR Frozen Ass 52km (3h48m) ...
Trainharder.com - http://www.trainharder.com/
An Ultra Runner's Blog: 360 Degrees of Motivation
par Will
An Ultra Runner's Blog. A chronicle of my path to run ultras and other mind altering events. January 6, 2011. 360 Degrees of Motivation. Today's run almost didn't happen. As I sat at my desk this afternoon feeling run down from working ...
An Ultra Runner's Blog - http://runlonger.blogspot.com/
Beyond 26.2: Ultra Runner Wanna Be G is under construction ...
par gg
Ultra Runner Wanna Be G is under construction, literally & physically. Today was my my first day with the new treatment plan. I had a great visit at Chiro- Medical in SF! Stay tuned, there might actually be some running this new year. ...
Beyond 26.2 - http://www.ultragina.com/
Nicola Gildersleeve: Ultra Runner/Personal Trainer: LOSING PARTS
par Nicola Gildersleeve
Ultra Running has given me so many amazing memories. It has allowed me to really discover myself and what I am made of. Through running, I have traveled to some of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen and made a lot of great ...
Nicola Gildersleeve: Ultra Runner/Per... - http://ngildersleeve.blogspot.com/
Review of Instep Ultra Runner BA202 Double Jogging Stroller - Quad ...
par admin
Review of Instep Ultra Runner BA202 Double Jogging Stroller - Quad Stroller.
Quad Stroller - http://quadstroller.org/
Jill Outside: The art of go slow
par Jill
It's made the difference between being a pretty good ultrarunner, and being a great ultrarunner.” It was an interesting insight into Geoff's training that I never heard before. When we lived together, he spent lots of time running ...
Jill Outside - http://arcticglass.blogspot.com/
Cliff The Runner
par 79blackindian
Cliff Young was a Legendary Ultra Runner, and much loved Australian, who 1st came to the publics notice in the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon. This clip is from the Channel 9(Australia) special: "20 moments which stopped ...
TheTvNet - Entertainment Network - http://thetvnet.com/
Ultra Running Blog: Tapering
par Puleio
Ultra Running Blog. Thursday, January 6, 2011. Tapering. Who would have thought that tapering is harder than the actual training? I am convinced that I have developed a sort of psychological dependence on running. ...
Ultra Running Blog - http://ultracephas.blogspot.com/
Gary Robbins, Endurance Athlete: And The Winners Are...
par Gary Robbins
Ellie lead the way early and I think it's fair to say that based on her 2010 resume she was the 'run away' winner of the Canadian Ultra Runner of the year, for a second year 'running'. (yeah I know, these running puns are just pure ...
Gary Robbins, Endurance Athlete - http://www.gary-robbins.com/
total lack of what's necessary - run like fly
In December, I ran my first ultra event - Magnum Gluteus Maximus - but I'd hardly call myself an ultra runner. Nor do I feel like I did anything (i.e. compete) besides finish the 50 kilometers. My mind is spinning at the need to run ...
run like fly - http://runandyrun.posterous.com/
run home pam: Making Time
par Run Home Pam
Charlie Engle's Fraud-Funded Sahara Run - Will He Get 111 Days in the Slammer? - Charlie Engle, the addict-turned-ultrarunner who joined two buddies to run 4300 miles across the Sahara (chronicled in the film *Running The Sahara*), wa. ...
run home pam - http://runhomepam.blogspot.com/


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