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Ultrarunner Ultrarunners dans le monde au quotidien Ultrarunners dans le monde 17/01

Ultrarunners dans le monde 17/01

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i'm an ultrarunner…NOT! « run2dmoon
par run2dmoon
let's say i ran 50k and i still feel good and strong, am i an ultra-runner already? duh. do we have such low standards? full of pride and excitement to be tagged or recognized as ultra-runner. well, it's time to wake up and smell the ...
run2dmoon - http://run2dmoon.wordpress.com/
InStep Ultra Runner Jogging Stroller Red/Gold/LtGray/Dk. Gray ...
par wilson253218216
Compare Prices on InStep Ultra Runner Jogging Stroller Red/Gold/LtGray/Dk. Gray. Busy parents can stay in shape and bring the little one along. This indoor/ outdoor jogger is at home on the sidewalk, in the park and even in the mall. ... Kaidens Blog - http://countyroots.com/wilson253218216/
Phils Thoughts - Mainly on Ultra Running: First post of the year.
par phil and annas blog
However this Tuesday I read an article posted on a running forum I use by another fellow Ultra runner, he had written about Achilles injuries. Without going into the full details the gist of it was that you don't stop running with a ...
Phils Thoughts - Mainly on Ultra Running - http://phil-annas-world.blogspot.com/
The training diary of a Highland Runner: Sore calf's
par GaryB
Attempting to go from injury prone runner to ultra runner in 5 months. Oops better make that in less than 3 months as I have now entered the D33 ultramarathon :0P. About Me. My Photo. Gary Bruce: Invergordon, Highlands, United Kingdom ...
The training diary of a Highland Runner - http://garyb-highlandrunner.blogspot.com/
Becoming Ultra
par Spirit Flower
You might call me an ultra runner. I have run ultra marathons. But I consider myself just barely qualified for the designation. I probably never will run 100 miles. But as I have mentioned in the past, I fully intend to figure out how ...
Ultra Monk - http://ultramonk.blogspot.com/
How to run 100 miles and succeed at anything | Johnny B. Truant
par Johnny
Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes tells a story in which a friend asked him how anyone could possibly ever run 100 miles. I don't have the exact phrasing here in front of me, but Dean's answer was essentially this: “Start putting one foot in ...
Johnny B. Truant - http://johnnybtruant.com/
BC's Jason Louitt Wins Hawaii H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Ultra ...
par admin
For the second straight year an ultra runner from BC has won the H.U.R.T Hawaii 100 Mile Ultra. Jason Louitt, an accomplished trail runner and a resident of Squamish, won the event with a time of 22 hours, 27 minutes and 35 seconds. ...
Trainharder.com - http://www.trainharder.com/
run this amazing day: week 0 in review
par Katie
Then I had to watch some big bad ultrarunner guy get the same piriformis and hip flexor treatment that I do and, let me just say this, men are occasionally really big babies. Anyhow, the Egyptian Magician worked on my back for a while ...
run this amazing day - http://runthisamazingday.blogspot.com/
a moment, something restless: Speaking of Water
par Holly Vipond
I was very happy to see that my heart rate and blood pressure were those of an ultra runner. Friday - 15 miles, paved. Sunday - 12.5 miles, paved. Total: 35.9 miles. Posted by Holly Vipond at 2:18 PM · Email This BlogThis! ...
a moment, something restless - http://paradiserunning.blogspot.com/
20 Days to Go
par James Elson
To put that time in perspective, Mike Wardian, probably the best known current ultra runner to regularly compete/ win over road marathons and yet have also laid down a number of 'flat' 50 mile times, has PBs of 2:21 in the marathon and ...
Nil Desperandum - James Elson - http://runthroughtime.blogspot.com/
Nate's Blog: First 2 weeks done
par Nate
I am a 27yr old ultra runner from Rockingham WA, married to Kate and we have a son called Noah. I run because I have a passion for it and I find freedom in pushing the limits of my ability. ...
Nate's Blog - http://nate83.blogspot.com/



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