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... au bout de soi-même! sité dédié à la course de 6 jours !

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Ultrarunner Ultrarunners dans le monde au quotidien Ultrarunners dans le monde 31/01

Ultrarunners dans le monde 31/01

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My Guv'nor is No Ultra Runner
par Subversive Runner
And this is where I fail as an ultra runner (actually that should read 'this is one of the many areas where I fail as an ultra runner). Just take a look at some of the blogs linked on the right. You'll read tales of a Sunday spent ...
Subversive Running - http://subversive-running.blogspot.com/
Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner: That's Lyth, 23.5 mi, 30 Jan 2011
par Dawn
Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner. I'm new to Fell Running, and to the UK as well, but I'm ready to tackle the bogs and the mud! Flickr Photostream. January 30, 2011. That's Lyth, 23.5 mi, 30 Jan 2011. With little fanfare or celebration, ...

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner - http://hikerdawn.blogspot.com/Trail Cop...Run!
par Will
Forgive me officer, I am a runner. I run these trails with no malicious intent. I just like...."do you want to be arrested son?! This could cost you $1600!" No sir.... Moments after being "busted" by Irvine Police (photo J.Rowland)
An Ultra Runner's Blog - http://runlonger.blogspot.com/
Character Combine: Building Athletes of Character
par www.jasonharper.cc
RT @24hourrun4kids: Ultrarunner vs Ironman http://... RT@PosPositive: Fear less, hope more;eat less,;whin... Sports_Greats: Great players r willing 2 give up t.. . "Few people have virtue to withstand the highest b. ...
Character Combine: Building Athletes... - http://charactercombinesport.blogspot.com/
The training diary of a Highland Runner: End of the first month ...
par GaryB
Attempting to go from injury prone runner to ultra runner in 5 months. Oops better make that in less than 3 months as I have now entered the D33 ultramarathon :0P. About Me. My Photo. Gary Bruce: Invergordon, Highlands, United Kingdom ...
The training diary of a Highland Runner - http://garyb-highlandrunner.blogspot.com/
Ing Miami Marathon | United States Online News
Three-time defending USA Track & Field Ultra Runner of the Year Michael Wardian, 36, of Arlington, Va., will return to defend his 2010 title ING Miami (2:28:39). The marathon, which has competitors from 79 countries will be cash awards ...
United States Online News - http://usspost.com/

Part Time Ultra-Runner: Back into it
par Ian Gallagher
Part Time Ultra-Runner. Information on running, marathon running and ultrarunning. In this blog I will detail all the equipment I use to run, my diet , training schedules and injuries I pick up along the way. ...
Part Time Ultra-Runner - http://part-time-ultra-runner.blogspot.com/
jude ultra.: heRE WE Are....
par Jude
While I was in Hawaii, the 30th annual UltraRunning Magazine Ultra Runner Of The Year results were announced. The list has sparked debates across the board... 2 days ago. Vertical Carnival Dispatches. Its been great to experience the ...
jude ultra. - http://judeultra.blogspot.com/
UltraStu - Millsy's Memories and Mutterings about Trail Running ...
par UltraStu
Having read a few other ultra runner's reviews of their year recently, I will include in my review some of the statistics they have used. The number one statistic to start with is my total mileage of 2276 miles. ...
UltraStu - Millsy's Memories... - http://ultrastu.blogspot.com/
AndyNoise.Com: Fog or Sun?
par AndyNoise.Com
Keira Henniger took over R.D. duties last year (I believe) and is adding more races to stable soon. She is also an elite ultra runner herself and made Ultra Running Magazines Top 20 Athletes of the Year! too be continued. ...
AndyNoise.Com - http://andynoise.blogspot.com/
Our Life with 3 Guys and A Doll: Injury Prevention Forum
par *~* *~* Tracy
Danny Dreyer, ultrarunner and author of Chi Running Dr. Peter Larson, author of runblogger.com and professor of Biology at St Anshelm College, Ian Adamson, adventure racer and Director of Research and Education at Newton Running ...
Our Life with 3 Guys and A Doll - http://machenfamily.blogspot.com/


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